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“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly." Cicero

Our elections are being hijacked by a group of conspirators, a band of usurpers if you will. Are you tired of the dishonesty and corruption in politics and in our elections? Tired of illegal aliens voting, tired of dead people voting, tired of hearing how voter ID laws are discriminatory? There is a far worse problem that needs to be addressed.

Some states are allowing illegal aliens to vote, like in California, New York and Oregon via drivers licenses that automatically register them to vote, the States swear they are not voting but the states that allow this refuse to turn over the voter rolls to be checked. Right now in the state of New York they have changed their stated requirement that one needs to only to be "born a citizen" to be president in that state. They have been made aware of this fact and as of yet have not changed it. Going against the US Constitutional requirement that one needs to be a Natural Born Citizen to be President.

Right now, there is a war on to tear up the Constitution. The 1st, the 2nd, the 5th plus others are under assault. It is in the way of many people and their agendas. It is the last defense we have against those that want to tear this nation apart, making it more socialist like Europe.

Here is an article stating YouTube has banned “manipulated or doctored” videos relating to the US election, as well as deepfakes and “birther”-type conspiracy theories which question candidates’ eligibility for office, with the primaries already under way.Burning Constitution

This is a grassroots effort to help stop that. There are some that want anyone to be eligible to be President. If you are born in America that`s good enough for them but that is absurd to think that is what the founders intended.

That is some people`s ultimate goal. Once that is obtained they will do whatever they want, Constitutionalists will never win another election and they will turn this nation into another third world hell hole as they have done in so many cities across America already.

Were you taught in school what a Natural Born Citizen is? Did you ever give thought to who checks the eligibility of each candidate?

Ever wonder why the Senate and the House of Representatives, those in the courts in general, the Secretary of State of all the states, say nothing and allow people who are not natural born citizens to run for POTUS?

The answer is there have never been any laws wrote by the State legislatures, to mandate that candidates for national office submit any type of eligibility verification to the Secretary of State or the head election official of the States. None! No one Checks!!! It`s a free for all.

Currently, it is left up to the party apparatus to verify that a candidate is eligible. The Fox is guarding the henhouse.

Well, the US Senate did do something once, recently, actually in 2008. The Senate took up a Resolution on the eligibility of John McCain to be President.

They found that since McCain was born to two citizen parents there was no doubt in anyone`s mind that John McCain was a "Natural Born Citizen".

There are many frauds and conspiracies being perpetrated on the people of this nation. Our schools have dumbed down our children to the point that they have no idea what`s going on or anything about this subject.

Haley, Harris, Jindal and Rubio are all 14th Amendment citizens. Born on US soil to foreign parents. Cruz is an illegal alien with zero US citizenship papers and Gabbard wasn`t born on US soil and is a US naturalized citizen only by virtue of her parent`s citizenship.

Most people fail to understand that to be a Natural Born Citizen depends on the citizenship or the allegiance of the parents of the child in question.

Here is the Democrats Star Impeachment Witness on Constutituional Election Integrity issues, explaining that only Natural Born Citizens can be President and those plain citizens as those from the 14th Amendment cannot be.

When both parents are citizens and the child is born on US soil then the children are natural born. When only one or neither parent is a citizen then the child is also only a 14th Amendment citizen with all the same rights as a Natural Born Citizen except that of the President.

Many people confuse the term Native Born with Natural Born. The meaning of the terms is quite different now. The meaning of Natural Born has never changed. The Native born meaning changed in 1866 with the adding of the 14th Amendment.

We were taught in school, in the `50s and 60`s that to be a natural born citizen, one has to be born of two US citizen parents on US soil. So why are so many in Congress and the media endorsing people that are not eligible to be POTUS? They must have an agenda, correct?

There are numerous Supreme Court decisions and letters of the founders that we will provide, that say what a natural born citizen is. Only those that have an ulterior motive or agenda have a problem with the rulings.

Those in Congress that say nothing and do nothing are afraid of being labeled a racist or misogynist or sexist if they speak up. They remain quiet so their campaign donations don't dry up or they are run out of Congress on a rail or impeached.

They took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land to defend it against all enemies both foreign and domestic. To not uphold that oath to many of us is treasonous. A crime against the people.

James Madison who is widely recognized as the author of the Constitution warned us about the type of progressive ideology that is destroying our Constitution and our Republic today... He wrote that “Freedom has more often been lost in small steps by progressive incrementalism than has been lost by catastrophic upheavals such as violence or war.” –James Madison

This is what is happening right now in our country when voters disregard the clear meaning and original intent of the Founding Fathers when they established the Natural Born Citizen Clause in the Constitution for anyone running for the Office of the President or for Vice President.

If you believe that to be a "Natural Born Citizen", one needs to be born on US soil to Two US Citizen Parents, and are willing to help fight for that, because that's what its going to be, a fight, then we can use your support and would appreciate any help you can give.

We will explain Natural Born Citizen further at this link.

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